Commercial Sand Blasting & Painting

Fiberglass Services

Commercial Sand Blasting and Painting provides fiberglass repairs services to original specifications or supplied engineered drawing.

Fiberglass is commonly used for its inherent chemical resistance, strength and temperature resistance, for many industrial applications. Fiberglass is used as a standalone material for tanks, vessels, scrubbers or ventilation system components. It is also be used as a liner for steel tanks to provide chemical resistance to acid and caustic solutions. Our tradespeople carry CCT (Certified Composite Technicians) certifications to ensure quality control following industry standard FRP procedures.

CSBP also provides field asset installation for fabricators who do not have Western Canada, industry specific, trained field staff.

Our inspection group provides fiberglass inspection services to assist customers with their asset planning.

Fiberglass Services

  • Fiberglass repair
    • Tanks, ducts, stacks, piping, equipment and more
  • FRP customization and modifications to new or existing fiberglass assets
  • Chemical Resistant linings for tanks, vessels, stacks, scrubbers and ducting
  • Primary or secondary containment lining for steel or concrete
  • Tank Linings
    • Concrete or steel up to 250′ in diameter
  • Fiberglass asset inspection
Fiberglass Tank Linings Commercial Sand Blasting and Painting