Commercial Sand Blasting & Painting

Lining Systems

Lining systems are installed to protect tanks, process vessels and piping systems from the fluids they either store, process or convey. The team at Commercial Sandblasting & Painting has the technical knowledge, field experience and industrial supplier partnerships to help you select the appropriate lining system for your process needs. Commercial Sandblasting & Painting can install your lining system in one of our large, climate-controlled shops or mobilize field units to your location, anywhere in Canada. Premature wear, failure and operational downtime are minimized when you have the right lining system working for you.

Protective Linings

  • Tank, Vessel, Clarifier, Thickener linings
  • Corrosion, Chemical & Acid Resistant Linings
  • High Temperature Linings
  • Abrasion Resistant Linings
  • Concrete Linings
    • High temperature
    • Chloride and Acid Resistant
    • Shotcrete/Gunite
  • Rubber lining removal, repair and installation
  • Fiberglass (FRP) Linings
  • Potable Water Tank Linings
    • NSF 61
    • AWWA C210 & 222
  • Oil and Gas Tank & Vessel Linings
  • Pipe & Spool Lining
    • Abrasion Resistant
    • Epoxy
  • Containment linings
    • Primary
    • Secondary
  • Gas proofing
  • Polyurethane Sewer and Water Linings
Fiberglass Tank Linings Commercial Sand Blasting and Painting