Commercial Sand Blasting & Painting

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is the foundation of any quality painting, lining or coating job. When you choose Commercial Sand Blasting & Painting you can be sure that our team will prepare the surface of your asset to the specified surface profile and level of cleanliness for the chosen protective system. We offer mobile and shop services to suit your needs.


  • Hydro Jetting/Water Blasting
    • 10,000-40,000 psi
    • Pressure Washing
  • Dry Abrasive Blasting
    • Shot Blasting
    • Mechanical Pickling
    • Coal and Copper Slag
    • Crushed Glass
    • Alterative Abrasives
      • Garnet, Alumina Oxide, Glass Bead, Walnut, Wheat Hearts, Dry Ice
  • Slurry Blasting
  • Sponge Blasting
  • Chemical Treatments
    • Pickling and Passivation
    • Chemical Stripping
  • Automated and Robotic Blasting
Sand Blasting Commercial Sandblasting and Painting