Commercial Sand Blasting & Painting has supplied abrasive blasting, industrial coating, and lining services in Western Canada since 1968. We are the largest industrial coating and linings applicator in the province of Saskatchewan.

Committed to quality and customer service, our technicians are continually upgrading their skills for safety, surface preparation and coatings application procedures.

From small jobs to large-scale contracts we take pride in our workmanship and strive to surpass customer expectations.

Commercial Sand Blasting & Painting offers superior facilities, along with the largest fleet of specialized abrasive blasting and painting equipment in Saskatchewan. All of our equipment is designed and maintained by our in-house mechanics group and is ready for any challenge. We can respond quickly to meet budget and time constraints.

Whether in our own shop facilities or on your site, our experienced crews and custom blasting/painting equipment are ready to meet any of your protective coating and lining needs.


Our industrial tradesmen and management group bring over 700 years of experience in the application of industrial coatings and linings.
Our approximately 120 staff includes:

  • Journeyman Painters
  • NACE Certified Inspectors
  • Structural Technologist
  • Mechanical Technologist
  • Journeyman Mechanic
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Safety Officer
  • Project Managers
  • Production Managers


At CSBP, safety is considered one of the foundational aspects to everything we do and is integrated into all of our operations. Having employees go home safely at the end of every work day is a guiding principle to the decisions we make to ensure we foster a culture where people truly care about one another, the company, its customers and themselves. This is reflected in our statistics and WCB rating where we maintain one of the lowest Total Recordable Injury Frequencies in SK compared to our competitors.

This is more than just meeting regulatory compliance. We continually strive to learn from each project to improve ourselves for the future and work hard to meet Mission Zero. By having safety at the forefront of our project planning, we also ensure the protection of nearby communities, the environment and our fellow contractors while consistently completing projects on time in the safest, most effective manner possible.

Throughout the year, we have created awards and incentives to reward those who “walk the talk” when it comes to setting the example in the workplace. It’s these safety champions that help move us towards a more positive atmosphere and safer workplace because it’s the right thing to do.


Commercial Sand Blasting & Painting was the first SSPC-QP 1 and SSPC-QP 3 contractor in Saskatchewan. Our professionally trained quality personnel follow a rigorous quality program using the latest equipment to ensure that our work meets the most stringent requirements.